Victoriya Yakubovskaya was born 22 February 1986 in Ukraine, in a family of professional athletes. In high school became interested in modeling and scene. Bright extraordinary appearance of Victoriya and a fighting spirit allowed to continue training in this area, so in 2001 a beginning model moved to New York and signed a contract with a famous modeling agency Marilyn Agency NYC. During the following years, Victoriya has worked with leading brands and improved the skills of the model profession: fashion shows and work with camera, plastic and acting skills, style and make-up. During those days, Victoriya participated in many fashion shows such as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Victoriya's Secret, from New York to Milan and become a top-model in photo shoots internationally renowned magazines: Harper's Bazaar Singapore, L'officiel and Vogue Australia Japan. In a charity reception Victoriya met her future husband, Russian businessman, and moved to live to Moscow.

In 2013, Victoriya Yakubovskaya attended professional courses in TV journalism and acting at the Moscow University, and in 2014 received a personal invitation from Dima Bilan to star in the lead role in the music video of his new project Alien24. Followed by the shooting in the clip Julia Nachalova and a small role in a movie. Model known for her love for fashion and art, so she does not miss the opportunity to attend fashion weeks, high-profile exhibitions and biennials in Paris, Milan and new York. Thanks to her modeling career, Victoriya is invited often to social and cultural events in Europe, and a professional passion for cinema allows to speak as a guest reporter for coverage of the red carpet and social events of the 68th Cannes film festival. Passionately in love with the sport, Victoriya is actively involved in Pilates and Thai Boxing. Model and TV presenter loves travelling and always shares them with active sports.